An approach for easing the suffering and improving the quality of life of those living with pain.
Physiotherapy treatments at Sama Wellness Clinic involves:

ü Interferential Therapy - stimulating the muscles by electric pulses to relieve pain.
ü Ultra sound massage - Using ultra sound waves to repair the damaged tissue.
ü Trigger point release technique - To release the tightened muscle fibres.
ü Electro Acupressure - Stimulating acu points and painful areas by using electric pulses.
ü TENS - An effective long acting pain relieving safe treatment
ü Hydrotherapy - Water at different temperatures used to improve circulation and thus aid faster recovery from pain.
ü Exercises - Guide on Stretching and Strengthening exercises which are specific to the body parts involved.

If you are suffering from any of these...
·        Back pain
·        Neck pain 
·        Shoulder pain
·        Arthritic pains
·        Migraine headaches
·        Sinusitis problems
·        Neurological conditions like
·        Paralysis
·        Trigeminal Neuralgia
·        Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
·        Repetitive Strain Injury
·        Facial palsy

Then this is what you should opt now.

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